Some math and magic livened up the summer program at one elementary school, where students got an opportunity to show off their math skills during a special assembly.

To show students that math can really be fun, Doug Scheer of Scheer Genius Assembly Shows proves that there is definitely magic in the air.

Math and Magic

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Scheer’s hour long show included a variety of math topics, including fractions, measurement, sorting, probability and even geometry.

The games to be played were determined by student volunteers who spun the wheel of math.   They were warned to be careful about landing on the chicken.

In his first amazing trick, Scheer, and his superhero sidekick, showed the students how to tie a knot in a rope without letting go of it. Three student volunteers twisted and shrugged, trying to make it happen, but could not, until their friend the superhero showed them a special way to cross their arms before picking up the rope. A little “magic” and voila, it was an easy task.

Scheer also discussed measurement with the students by squashing his sidekick in a cage. She shrunk from a “3” to less than “1.”

Scheer then proceeded to teach them about fractions by using cake and pizza.

Math and Magic

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Using a pretend pizza, he asked students how many pieces they would need to cut if they invited six friends for dinner. He then asked how many pieces they’d need if 12 people were coming for dinner. Finally, students were asked how they would get a bigger piece of pizza. By inviting fewer friends.

Safya Elnady was the unlucky one to spin the chicken. Scheer told her that meant she had to do the chicken dance by herself in front of all her classmates. As Elnady began the familiar dance, he told her that she didn’t really have to, instead she would be sorting chickens into baskets.

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