Kids are enjoying a summer program which is pumping up summer with hands on STEM experience.  There aren’t many middle school students who would postpone their family vacation so they could attend classes, but these kids are doing just that.

Over 200 students are participating in the UVU PREP program. The classes prepare stuents for careers in science, technology, engineering and math. At the ebd of the program the Sci-Tech Expo at Utah Valley University takes place.

Pumping Up Summer with Hands On STEM Experience

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Summer school is often though of as being for students who are weak in academic skills and need help.  In this case, exactly the opposite is true.

“This is not a remedial program,” said Liz Andrus, director of school, community and university partnerships at UVU. “This was originated in San Antonio in 1979. We discovered it when an employee came to UVU. Last year, we had our pilot group of 25 students. This year we are up to 203.”

Not only is it not a remedial program, it is challenging.

“It is a very intense program,” she said. “It teaches hard work. They have an hour to an hour and a half of homework a night.”

This is the second year of the expo and at least one more is in the works. Second-year students have a different curriculum from what they did the first year they attended.

Pumping Up Summer with Hands On STEM Experience

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Monday through Friday, professionals from the community address the students. Speakers come from a variety of places and include officials from the Huntsman Cancer Center, Adobe or the project manager of the Provo City Center LDS temple construction.

On most Fridays, students go on field trips. This Friday, however, the field trips will come to them, in the form of Sci-Tech Expo. It will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the new science building and in labs in the computer science building on the UVU campus.

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