Kids are proud of the miles they have added up at their school track, where a running club is popular with elementary students who have racked up a total of hundreds of miles together in the past school year.  The Ivey Ranch Elementary School track is where the club meets, and the kids know it takes 10 laps to run a mile. There are approximately 400 children in the Running Club. 

First grade teacherAngie Richards coordinates the Running Club with a team of parent volunteers.“It’s gotten so big that we have kids running five days a week”, she said

Running Club is Popular with Elementary Students

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The top two long distance runners ran 300 miles during the school year, and were honored at the fifth grade promotion ceremony.

“They wanted to (run),” said Kelly Clark, whose daughter Jaden was recognized along with classmate Karis Prettyman. “They really noticed that they had good days when they ran. … They were excited every month to make a goal” and looked forward to being recognized at the monthly flag salute.

Seven other students ran 200 miles over the school year: first-grader Landon Yurisic; second-grader Kaidyn Long; and third-graders Cade Clark, Kellen Leathers, Kiann Cheng, Ella Walker, and Aubrey Zhou.

Ivey Ranch caught the running bug several years ago thanks to a physical education teacher, who’s since retired. Richards, a runner herself, took over as the running role model and made the program “a little more systematic,” she said.

Running Club is Popular with Elementary Students

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Now about half of the school’s 800 students run at least a few mornings a week before the school day starts; some children run every day. Parents volunteer to supervise, keep track of the laps and even join the children in running.

“For me it was good bonding time, to visit, chat, get to know my own child,” Clark said.

She also noticed that the Running Club generated a sense of camaraderie as students were supportive and encouraging of classmates new to running.

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