Around the country, students are discovering that summertime is for Math as they enroll in special programs to strengthen their skills.  Onr of them, 15 year old  Quinn Myrick, is working on geometry at Edward Little High School.

As Quinn worked, he found he had a lot of company  The library housed more than 50 students at tables, with books open and pencils ready as they worked on algebra and geometry.

Summertime is for Math

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“I’m doing math to get ahead,” Myrick said. “I signed up for it.”

79 other students signed up as well.

Students asked for math work this summer, said teacher Lisa Whitman. So she and fellow teacher Shannon Reed designed “summer math.”

It’s not typical summer school.

“This is not for kids who failed,” Whitman said. “It’s for kids who might be a little behind and want to get caught up, or for kids who want to get ahead.”

The class is taught in the customized learning style, in which teachers no longer lecture, and students work on their own or in groups, conferring with teachers.

“It has a lot of room to learn your own way and at your own pace,” said Marshall Chadbourne, 15, adding that he wouldn’t have signed up for it “if it was the regular math class.”

Summertime is for Math

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His goal is to complete geometry by January, then start Algebra II. He hopes to take pre-calculus his junior year and calculus his senior year.

“It’s always a good thing to get ahead,” Chadbourne said.

Whitman and Reed created summer math after co-teaching a customized-learning math class last year.

“The kids asked us, ‘Is there any chance we can do a bunch of work over the summer and assess in the fall?’ Whitman said. She told them she’d rather there be some checks along the way.

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