The Keys to College simplifies what can often be a complex process by providing a step-by-step road map that lays the groundwork for parents to prepare and execute a plan that will give their child an advantage in today’s very competitive educational environment.

The following are just a few keys that are helpful at any age and any stage of the college preparation process!


Throughout your children’s educational process, remember that they are capable of great achievements. Remind your children of their special talents and abilities and how wonderful they are as human beings. Let them know you have confidence in them and what they are capable of achieving. Teach them to value themselves. As you encourage them with positive comments and provide the support they need, you help them learn to overcome obstacles that otherwise could have ruined their confidence and self-esteem.


Most of us have busy work schedules, and constant demands on our time and energy take a toll on how we interact with our children. Children are often victims of hectic lifestyles, frustrations, and dysfunctional families. Realize you are responsible for their emotional and physical well-being. You cannot depend on someone else to do what you as a parent should do for your child. Children naturally depend on their parents to do their best as far as their children are concerned.

Empower your children with good encouragement. Self-esteem begins at birth. Even a baby can internalize negative or positive feedback. Encouraging your children regularly will serve as the basis for their self-confidence. Success in school has everything to do with self-confidence and how teachers interact with students. Take seriously your responsibility to help develop your children’s confidence; this will also help them have a good self-image.

Encouraging your children on a positive level is one thing, and letting them be aware of their mistakes is another. Both are important in terms of development.

Understandably, sometimes you are just too tired and don’t feel like exerting the energy it takes to give your children the extra time they need. Realize that the time it takes to hear your children’s thoughts and ideas is also a good time to applaud them for their inner creativity. Regardless of how you look at it, for your children’s sake you cannot afford to be too tired. Assume that the energy you are giving in words of praise may be all the praise your children will receive in the early years of life. The Keys To College

How Does A Parent Empower A Child?

  • Provide a positive, stable, and nurturing home life.
  • Make your children aware of their special abilities and continually give them positive reinforcement. Remind them how intelligent and capable they really are. You are helping them develop good feelings about themselves.
  • Balance confidence by teaching your children the value of and how to be humble, thankful, and appreciative of others and of life; this can take them a long way.
  • Remember to take responsibility and help your children overcome negative experiences while they are still young.       It doesn’t take a college degree to understand your role in this process.
  • Keep at the forefront of your mind that your children are capable of accomplishing great achievements in education—no matter what!

Empower your child to compete with other students for college admissions and know that your child is going off to college with the right academic training and study habits to finish as well!

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Monica_Betson_MontgomeryMonica Betson Montgomery completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed her MBA at St. Mary’s College of Moraga. The Keys to College is her second book. Her first work, You Too Can Prepare Your Child for College, was inspired by the ongoing need to increase parent awareness of the education process and the importance of their role therein. She also subsequently designed a series of interactive workshops for parents and students that complement the book.

Monica and her husband commit a great deal of time and resources to impoverished communities to help ensure that information and opportunities are provided where the need is greatest. For more information about The Keys to College, please visit:

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