Forgetting their homework is one thing, but school administrators know of one item that kids never forget; and now cell phones connect kids to school counselors, as well as to games, assignments, and information.

In times of need, kids can now be connected to school counselors using pocket technology in the Lubbock Independent School District.

Cell Phones Connect Kids to School Counselors

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Trust Line is a new program that allows students to call anonymously or text the number for their camus.  They will immediately receive a response from someone who can help them.

“They are all going to have their phones, so if they have some issue — and maybe it is just today — they can shoot a text to the Trust Line and say, “I’ve got this issue and I don’t know what to do. I need help,’ ” LISD Superintendent Berhl Robertson Jr. said, estimating more than 85 percent of students regularly carry a mobile device.

Two faculty members at each campus, one counselor and one assistant principal, will monitor the hotline throughout the day.

Trust Line is replacing a similar system previously used by the school district, Talk About It, after the program was phased out by the developer.

And district leaders are sure the old system, though used fewer than 100 times, prevented tragedy.

Cell Phones Connect Kids to School Counselors

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“We were able to address a problem before it became really serious,” LISD spokeswoman Nancy Sharp said. “We had one instance where we are very confident the student was suicidal, and getting an adult involved in that conversation may have avoided a tragedy.”

As with the old system, students can use the hotline to talk about any issue, from an abusive home life to a bad test grade.

Though a student is using a cellphone number an administrator may recognize, the Trust Line system protects the student’s identity, Misty Rieber, coordinator of professional development, explained while demonstrating the program during a news conference Monday morning.

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