Teachers are finding that students are more engaged with hands on science and math classes, and are utilizing technology to make that happen.

In Bullett County Kentucky, students tat the new Discovery School focus on Language arts and social studies assignments on their laptops.  Suddenly the attention shifted to Devin Franklin;s science class, and excitement filled the air.

Hands On Science and Math Classes

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The reason students entered Discovery School is for the hands on science and math classes.  It is a program that serves gifted and talented students.  Hands-on science and math classes are the reason nearly 70 students entered the Discovery School — a program that serves selected gifted and talented students. They showed enthusiasm for learning with the number of hands raised and questions asked.

The Bullitt County Board of Education approved the program in March, and officials spent the summer developing it. The board located the Discovery School in Hebron Middle School and allowed the administration there to plan how it would run — with suggestions from the district, Hebron principal Steve Miracle said.

Discovery School students work separately from Hebron students in a four-classroom section of the building but participate in Hebron’s sports and other extracurricular activities.

“It’s a challenge for the students and us, putting together something that really doesn’t exist in any form that we know,” Miracle said.

Hands On Science and Math Classes

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Superintendent Keith Davis’ original idea was to establish a program that gave students skilled in science and math more opportunities outside the typical classroom setting.

The program is similar to the Bullitt Advanced Math and Science Program at Bullitt Central High School, which helps students acquire college credits before graduating. In the Discovery School, students can start building high school credits as early as sixth grade.

They were previously able to build those credits, but sometimes had to leave campus to do it, such as going to North Bullitt High School to take a geometry class, Franklin said.

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