Helping students be safe in school has become a priority of many districts, as anti bullying curriculum has become just as much a part of education as math, reading, and social studies.

Florida has made anti bullying education a priority in every single school  In any public education K-12  institution, it is against the law to bully or harrass a student or employee, thanks to a law passed in 2008.

Helping Students Be Safe In School

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The “Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Students Act” which prohibits bullying was first implemented in Broward County.  Several years later, schools statewide are emphasizing preventive measures to assure student safety and protect teachers.

The acronym R.I. P. identifies bullying behavior.  R.I.P stands for Repeated Imbalance of power, and Purposeful. The definition of bullying is ystematically and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on students or employees.  Cyberbullying is also included.

Even though each county has its own specific measures and resources in place, the underlying theme of zero tolerance is paramount in all of them.

Broward County Public Schools use the “ABC’s of Bullying Prevention” book, which contains three bullying prevention lessons for every grade level and is designed to be taught annually.

Helping Students Be Safe In School

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“Each grade lesson is different but contains the essential concepts regarding bullying that students must understand in order for their Attitude and Behavior to Change: Attitude + Behavior = Change,” said Tresha Fletcher, a program specialist in the Broward Schools’ Diversity, Cultural Outreach and Prevention Department. “We want all students to respect each other and feel safe and protected in school, in addition to making sure they have a trusted adult to speak to if they feel bullied or know someone being bullied.”

Miami-Dade County Public Schools require five curriculum lessons on bullying and violence prevention per grade level Pre-K through 12 on preventing, identifying and responding to bullying and/or harassment.

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