Are you and your kids in the mindset for back to school?  Its more than supplies and being ready for the school bus.  You may have all of the supplies, but are you mentally ready for back-to-school?

With summer drawing to a close, teachers are jumping back into the education process.  They will be ready to go. Are your kids ready?  It helps to prepare your minds now.

Here are a few tips before you or your kids go back-to-school to be fully prepared for school:

In the Mindset for Back to School

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Summer Reading: Is summer reading due by te first day of school?  Make sure to review the assignment and list, and review the books. Dont use online resources, or do the work for your child.  Your child has to be responsible for this work.

Go To Bed Early: If you’ve been staying up late during the summer, begin getting ready to go to bed at an earlier time about a week before school starts.

Visit the School: Most schools will be open for your child to go and practice going through their schedule. Apart from finding their classrooms, have your child figure out when they will be visiting their locker.

Family Calendar: Either on a physical calendar or on your smartphone and tablet, have your child and other family members begin entering activities and events. They doing this, you and your child will know where everyone is during the day and who will pick up whom from activities.

In the Mindset for Back to School

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Tutoring: Some children need a little extra help, scheduling your tutor ahead of time will mentally prepare your child and the tutor for their meeting. Be sure you make it clear to the tutor what you want your child to work on.

Public Library: When it comes to research and tutoring opportunities, public libraries have a lot to offer. You and your child should visit your public library before school starts.

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