Teachers found that kites lift interest in reading for migrant education kids at a summer camp.  While the kites didnt soar, the interest in reading really took off! The summer program introduced the kite theme to literacy coaching, with great success.

Approximately 150 English as a second language students attended the program at Scotland Elementary school on weekdays in Pennsylvania during the summer.  The Franklin County Reading Council teamed up with the Lincoln Intermediate Unit program to promote reading to the students.

Kites Lift Interest in Reading for Migrant Education KidsThe typical day usually involves students doing academic lessons and other activities that provide the additional support that is needed when they return to their regular classrooms when school starts.  But Wednesday was a bit different, with council volunteers guiding activities and reading the students books that fit the “Soar with Reading” kite theme, according to literacy coach Allison Beaudry.

Each student was also given two to three books at his or her reading level to take home. Donated by local teachers throughout the past Kites Lift Interest in Reading for Migrant Education Kidsschool year, the books are a particularly special tool for the Migrant Education children because their families may not know the kinds of books that would be a good fit for their children, said Heather Landis, assistant principal for the program. Beaudry added that students get excited when they are able to read to their families like their teachers read to them.

Kids got to make kites too, which they attempted to fly outside in the afternoon. Success seemed to largely depend on the right gust of wind coming up under a kite in just the right way.

“(My kite) went up good but once they told me to let go of more string it just fell down,” said Carlos Pascual, who will be in fourth grade at New Franklin Elementary.

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