Reading coaches are working with teachers to help teachers with formal instruction and bring meaning to the results of tests and data for real life use in the classroom. They will also create lessons in cooperation with teachers.

Reading Coaches are Working with Teachers

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As a new reading coach, Vernon Williams will start at Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary school in South Carolina this year.  He has long enjoyed his career as an elementary school teacher at several elementary and middle schools in the Aiken area. And now he is bringing that experience to a new level.

The South Carolina General Assembly approved “Read to Success” legislation this past June.  The General Assembly has set aside funds to partially pay for a coach and every elementary school in the state.

“I’ve always enjoyed teaching in the classroom,” Williams said. “It had to be something where I would get pulled by the heartstrings.”

And that’s what happened.

The District has had a focus on reading since Superintendent Dr. Beth Everitt took her current position in 2008, said the Federal Funds Director Jeanie Glover.

Reading Coaches are Working with Teachers

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The new reading coaches attended a workshop at the District office last week – led by Ashley Young, previously an instructional coach at Clearwater Elementary School. Young will now coordinate aspects of the Read to Success program.

Instructional coaches have collaborated with classroom teachers in all content areas. Young said she’s excited about a new opportunity to work with coaches specifically on reading.

“Our reading coaches will analyze data and help teachers with forming instruction,” Young said. “They will also model lessons.”

During a presentation, she described how reading/literacy coaches can serve as stable resources for professorial development with the goal of improving reading instruction and student reading achievement.

The Read to Success law as a whole is introducing a new level of expectations.

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