These days, summer camp is getting a makeover and presents summer opportunities to design, build, and learn.

Sports camps are plentiful, but for students who want to learn science and technology, summer camps that teach STEM subjects to elementary and middle school students are increasing in popularity.  Camp Tech is one such camp.

Summer Opportunities to Design, Build, and Learn

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Eighth grader Tyler Anderson has attended Camp Tech for two years in a row. “I thought it was a really fun experience,” he said.

This past week, Anderson, along with nearly 50 other local students, used their brains to build, create and design at Camp Tech.

Students rotated among four stations where they learned a different set of skills in each program.

For Anderson, the Lego Mind Storm NXT Robotics class was his favorite.

In the robotics station, campers worked together in teams to solve various challenges by designing, building, programming, and testing a Mind Storm NXT Robot.

“Robots are fun,” Anderson said. “I enjoyed making them move around and being able to figure stuff out with the robots. It’s fun trying to figure out how they work. I like tech ed all around.”

The other classes were:

Adventures in programming: Campers build and program through Scratch or Game Salad, which are iPad apps, learning programming concepts as they go.

Build my World with Minecraft: Campers explore and recreate worlds in Minecraft in a collaborative cross curricular environment.

Summer Opportunities to Design, Build, and Learn

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Discovering Rocketry with the Space Agency Program: Campers create and manage their own space program, build and launch rockets, and research the science of space.

Camp Tech has been sponsored by the Intermediate Unit 1 STEM Center for several years and got its start on the campus of Washington and Jefferson College.

According to Sarah D’Urzo, media coordinator for the STEM Center, this was the first year students were added to a wait list.

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