Where Every Parent Goes Wrong with Back to School Shopping

Jessie, SOAR Learning’s Intern, recently shared a story with us about her back-to-school shopping experiences.Where Every Parent Goes Wrong with Back to School Shopping

Jessie’s mom was always the one to go nuts at the Office Supply Store during back-to-school sales. She loved the deals and took them a little overboard. I was always grateful for her dedication to my education, but it didn’t actually help me!

Jessie would get excited to go with her Mom. She would get excited to get new stuff, like the 50 new two-pocket folders because they were only a penny each.

She would end up with tons of pens, pencils, binders, notebooks and folders. Pretty much anything that you can buy for school, Jessie would leave the store with. “It was nice having all of these tools, but I had no idea how to use any of them,” Jessie explained.

Where Every Parent Goes Wrong with Back to School Shopping

“Students can drown in their school supplies”
– Jessie, SOAR Learning Intern

Jessie needed someone to show her how to use all of these school supplies. The clerk at the store didn’t tell her. Her mom didn’t tell her. Her teacher just gave her a list of what she needed, and the teacher didn’t tell her how to use those items either.

It is usually up to the student to figure out a way to organize their stuff, on their own. Jessie never did figure out a system.

Without a system put in place, students can drown in their school supplies! However, the slightest guidance from Mom or Dad can lead them in the right direction.

After hearing Jessie’s story, and many others like her, I was inspired to create an easy-to use system that would, once-and-for-all, teach students which supplies they needed and how to use them.

Where Every Parent Goes Wrong with Back to School ShoppingWhat Do You Buy? We recommend the following:
• 3-ring binder (1 ½“, no bigger)
• 3-hole pocket folder for each class period
• Labels for the pocket folders
• Loose leaf, lined paper for your binder
• Student Planner


How do you use it? At the most basic level, the goal is to have a “spot” for every piece of paper. With each of the folders labeled in your binder, you know exactly where to store papers your teacher distributes and where to store papers you must turn-in (separate from the former, by the way). The loose leaf paper is used in each section of the binder for recording notes. This is was more efficient than having individual notebooks of paper for each class.

Where Every Parent Goes Wrong with Back to School Shopping

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Organization Done-For-You
Many of our customers are looking for more than just the what and the how; they want the “give me what I need and walk me through each” step.

That’s why we created the School Success Kit. This kit was precisely everything you need to build the system we just describe, including videos to show you how to set up your binder and your planner and how to guarantee success in using them. It’s so complete, it could save you an entire trip to the office supply store that usually ends in, “Mom, can we buy this Sponge-Bob, light-up flash drive?” or “Dad, I really need this super-sized, pink, Sharpie permanent marker.”

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