As an expert on I thought this would be the perfect time to offer one of my Awaken the Scholar Within Programs for FREE to one lucky winner as my Back to School special!

Back to School Contest…Win this $797 Awaken the Scholar Within Program!But first, a little bit of information for you…

Everyone takes in information through the senses: seeing, hearing, and doing, even if they have dyslexia, ADHD, autistic spectrum, or auditory processing problems. When your kids struggle with learning, it is due to one or more areas of auditory, visual, or tactile/kinesthetic processing not working as well as they should, could, and can.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities states that the two most common areas of difficulty involved with a learning disability are visual and auditory perception. That being said, both of these areas of perception, as well as kinesthetic, are learned skills, and they can be improved with specific activities.

These areas of processing are important. For example, visual processing impacts learning in the following ways…

Back to School Contest…Win this $797 Awaken the Scholar Within Program!

So, if your kids struggle with reading, or they don’t like to read, or they take too long to do their homework, chances are they have one or more of the 9 areas of vision perception that just doesn’t work as well as it could, should, and CAN. The good news is these areas can improve. I’ve seen it happen over and over! When doing specific activities these areas of visual processing do improve!

“One of the great things about this program is that all of my kids can benefit. The simple visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities are fun for all of them. And I am already seeing their reading improving. Thanks Bonnie!”
Brenda P. mom

Contest closes September 30th.

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Back to School Contest…Win this $797 Awaken the Scholar Within Program!Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET
Dyslexia and ADHD Expert