Numbers are certainly more exciting for some students where fantasy football scores used as a tool for math class are part of the everyday problem solving. The combination of real life probability and game playing appeals to many students, and makes the process of computing percentages, odds, and results come alive.

Fantasy Football Scores Used as a Tool for Math Class

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Jayce Bertoldo was working on his fantasy football stats at Stevenson School.  “It’s not boring,” he commented. The entire class remains interested throughout the project.

Sixth grade teacher Erin Hargrove has been using fantasy football as a tool for practicing math skills for two years.  Her students practice multiplication, division, and percentages when compiling the stats.  There is a friendly competition between her class and the other sixth grade, taught by Ben Steele, to see which team does best. The rivalry keeps the project even more interesting.

Student Kaela Durbin, who has a fantasy team,  explained the process of the class fantasy football and regular fantasy football. In regular fantasy football you choose players from several teams to make up your fantasy team, and their performance each week determines how how many points you get.

Student athletes

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But in Hargrove’s classroom version, the students add up the rushing and passing yards for all the teams in their division, and determine the number of points by dividing those yards by 5 for rushing, and for passing yards, they divide by 25. The reason, Kaela said, is that it’s easier to gain yardage by passing than by rushing. If it doesn’t divide evenly, the remainder is discarded.

“We don’t care about remainders in fantasy football,” Hargrove said.

For the first two weeks, the students have kept their stats entirely on paper, but beginning this week, they’re using Google Classroom to log their results. Hargrove said Steele’s classroom was ahead this week.

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