It’s yet another ambitious project underway as Mountain Home’s gifted and talented students build a tiny house.

Last year they built a full-sized blue whale out of adhesive tape and large sheets of plastic film.  Now the youngsters decided to start an even more challenging project.

Gifted and Talented Students Build a Tiny House

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They’ve started building a tiny house, sized for up to two people.

The project was developed by Dave Holland, a teacher of gifted and talented students.

“Why build a tiny house? This idea came to me while at a gifted and talented conference a few years back,” Holland said. “It seemed like a good idea, combining two passions of mine — teaching and building things.”

In addition, the opportunity for higher-level thinking and problem solving presents itself at every turn as the project continues, he added.

Support from the project was made possible through the generosity of local farmers, dairymen and businesses, who provided financial support and materials for the house.

Work actually began last school year when students developed the initial floor plans.

“It was fun and interesting to see what the students thought was important and what should be included in their house,” Holland said.

Using a scale of one inch equals one foot, they drew the basic outline of the house without much trouble. But that is where the project’s easy part stopped.

Gifted and Talented Students Build a Tiny House

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“After they laid out the five requirements — bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and office — on their plan, we used tape and made two full-sized models on the floor,” he said.

Nearly every student quickly realized their drawings of sinks, toilets and other amenities were way too small. Holland remembered one instance when everyone in the class laughed at a shower design that was too small for the teens, much less a larger adult.

But those minor setbacks simply prompted the students to think of other ways to make everything fit under one roof.

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