A high tech update for school library equipment is coming to one school with the assistance of grants from local corporations.

New equipment and a renewed focus on science and technology education will be the focus of the update for the Greensburg Salem High School library.

High Tech Update for School Library

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$25,000 in grants has been received for the first phase of the project.  Alcoa contributed $15,000 and Monsanto contributed $10,000.  Corporations are interested in supporting the preparation of students for 21st century STEM careers.

Over the next few months, the library will purchase laptops, tablets, furniture and a 3-D printer to turn part of the library into a STEM design center.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“One of the visions that we have is to create this space that isn’t compartmentalized,” said Kenneth Bissell, the school district’s coordinator of secondary education and instruction.

Much of the equipment and resources in the school are divided by discipline, Bissell said.

“You have your math over here, your science over here, your technologies over here, when in the real world, you have all of them coming together,” he said.

The library update will hapen in multiple phases, Bissel said. The books aren’t going anywhere, but the district is looking for ways to turn it into a modern study space.

Administrators have turned to students for suggestions on how to update the library. Senior Tom Bradley, 17, of Greensburg is helping to guide the process as part of an independent study course.

High Tech Update for School Library

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“I would like to see it be a place where students can get together and expand their knowledge of things the school might not offer,” he said.

Bradley and other students have been working together to decide what they want in a modern study space.

Not every suggestion is possible: A request for a soldering station is likely a no-go because of concerns about the fumes and the risk of injuries.

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