“Dude! Can you just chill?! I got it…”

“Don’t worry about it! It’ll be alright…”

“It’s not that big of a deal…Stop trying to control me!”

Clearly, they have no idea what is coming down the pike.

As a parent and Coach I can see the storm coming 2 weeks early. The problem arises when students, especially student athletes, put up a huge barrier because they feel like we are trying to control their lives. When in reality, we are trying to offer the easiest way to anticipate and handle the challenges that lie ahead.

Invariably, they end up putting themselves into a position where everything becomes an emergency, because they were “just too busy” to handle things ahead of time.

That’s when I started offering my athletes the lesson on earthquakes and hurricanes…(This is the end of the email, Please put “click here to read the rest of this article” in the email)

What’s The Difference Between A Hurricane And An Earthquake?

Aside from the most obvious answer that one is wind and rain while the other is the earth shaking…

The difference I am talking about is that one happens without notice and is a total surprise, while the other can be anticipated and planned for. Any sane person knows to board up their house and get the heck out of dodge when a hurricane is coming, but they can’t do anything about an earthquake other than hide under a desk or doorway.

Think about it, life doesn’t have to be experienced as a series of earthquakes followed by recovery!

Why is it then, that young people choose to suffer through the storm, rather than taking a more proactive approach?

Simple, from their perspective and paradigm they are too busy with “the present” to deal with what is coming in the weeks ahead.

Therefore, if we as parents, coaches, teachers and mentors expect students to leave their current comfort zone and change their habits, we MUST help them change the way they look at things…

How do we do that?

It starts with debunking the most harmful lie impacting today’s students. By clicking here you will get free access to a video where former NFL player and College Valedictorian Clint Stitser and I share what this lie is, why it’s a lie, and how to fix it.

Take action, watch the video, and go inspire some students to reach competitive excellence!


There is no reason for failure when success is offered everyday…

A goal is a dream with a deadline!

The deadline triggers the process!

If you know who you are and what you represent at all times and you are clear on your intended outcome, all decisions are easy!

Every expert was a beginner.

Every big business was an idea.

Every professional was an amateur.

So Dream BIG, Start now and BE RELENTLESS.

Huge success is just a big stack of little wins.

How Hurricanes and Earthquakes Can Help StudentsCoach John Baxter, M.S.Ed. is the founder of the AcademicGameplan at Academicgameplan.com and best-selling author of I Hate SchoolHow a College Football Coach Inspires Students To Value Education And Become Lifelong Learners.

Driven by his desire to inspire people to achieve competitive excellence in all areas of life by connecting them to the big picture of education Coach John Baxter created exciting, fun, and useful outcomes that repurpose a tired system with true purpose and meaning that last.