It may be more fun to sleep late or watch cartoons on a day off, but some children are finding that there is a Saturday school bonus for all students.

These 8 and 9 year olds were happy to spend Saturday in school for a program that would help them catch up or get further ahead.

Saturday School Bonus for All Students

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This was not their normal classroom.  Students and p0arents learned about the Saturday classes they could attend at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring.The students helped each other fill out sheets titled “Find somebody in this class who …” with options such as has brown eyes or likes dogs.

On opening day, the orientation was held for the George B. Thomas, Sr. Learning Academy, which runs its Saturday School at 12 sites around the county, including Montgomery Blair High.  The students and families had a great opportunity to get to know the program and each other. Whether they were there for accelerated learning or for remediation, the program fills a great many individual needs for enrichment

Students of many ages, parents and guardians had a chance at each site to learn about and register for the program, which provides extra instruction and support to students in first to 12th grade. The program costs $30 for students who receive free and reduced price meals and $50 for everyone else.

Saturday School Bonus for All Students

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Students can enter the program, whether they are struggling at grade level or looking for advanced lessons.

“It’s the full range,” said Dirk Cauley, the Blair site’s director and an assistant principal at the high school. “We have students that come for remediation, but then we have students that are coming for acceleration, as well.”

From October through May, students spend a few hours each Saturday morning with tutors who teach math, language arts, English, and SAT and AP prep.

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