Children with Autism More Sedentary Than Their PeersRecent research has shown that there is a greater liklihood of finding children with autism more sedentary than their peers.  According to the findings published in the journal Autism Research and Treatment, children with autism spend on average 50 minutes less a day in moderate physical activity and 70 minutes more at rest or sitting than children without autism.

Lead study author Megan MacDonald explained the abilities of the children in a news release.  She is an assistant professor in OSU’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences. “These kids, compared to their peers, are similarly fit. That’s really exciting, because it means those underlying fitness abilities are there.”

29 children were examined for the study.  17 children were with Autism and 29 without.  The fitness and physical activity levels were tested in the Movenemt Studies in Disability Lab at OSU.  These included a 20 meter shuttle run, a sit and reach test, and a handgrip strength test.  Height, weight, and body mass index were also measured.

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Children with Autism More Sedentary Than Their Peers