Extra credit and an innovative teacher encouraged a class to start a project  having creative math students promote breast cancer awareness. Combining creativity, equations, and ideas was a popular and challenging project for the students.

In Kay Koger’s pre-calculus and advanced placement calculus classes at Richmond High School, extra credit was offered to students who formed a group and combined calculus and breast cancer awareness into a bra for entry in the BRAvo! Busting Out Against Breast Cancer  Creative Math Students Promote Breast Cancer Awarenessdecorated bra competition.

The BRAvo! initiative is organized by the Reid Foundation.  It promotes breast cancer awareness.  Money is raised for no charge mammograms provided through Reid Hospital and Health Care Services.

Students focused on equations that related math and breast cancer.  Themes such as calculating risks, odds, and funding for a cure were among those the students explored. They then decorated a bra that would show off their ideas, and the connections between equations and breast cancer.

The idea came to Koger just before school started this year while she was getting her mammogram at Reid’s Breast Center. “Those people (in the Breast Center) are just so wonderful and they always make you feel so comfortable,” Koger said.

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