Do you hate taking two days to do something you could do in an hour and see no point in wasting your precious time on things that have no purpose? I know I do!

FOCUS: Get What You Want with This One Simple Change

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Well what if I could tell you a secret that would super charge everything you do and make your life seem easier and show you how to use it to get better grades? Would that be useful to you? You probably already know how to create the right environment for studying and already learned the value of a good study technique –that’s where your teachers come in and the value of a book like this. Even concentration can be practiced until you find a way to get really good at it.

This Secret Is All About How You Focus

The great thing about focus is that whether you realize it or not, you already do it all the time! If you do it well, it can be a very powerful tool, but if you don’t, it will really slow you down. Imagine if I asked you to choose a light to pinpoint a distant object at and said you could either use a flashlight with a wide, fuzzy, yellow beam or a sharp, crisp laser. Which would you choose? Of course you’d pick the laser, because you can point it right at the object and its beam will stay clear and precise. The flashlight might give a general direction and rough outline, but you’ll light up lots of other  irrelevant stuff too.

Next, I’m going to give you the choice of either facing the object, or standing with your back to it. Now which will you pick?

It sounds obvious doesn’t it and yet, when it comes to getting the best grades more easily, by using the power of your focus, you may well be facing entirely the wrong way and using a blurry old torch!

When it comes to good focus, the key thing to get right is the direction and you’ll be pleased to know there are only two to choose from! You can either focus on moving closer to the things you want, or away from the things you don’t want. Both will work to a degree, but only one will work really well.

FOCUS: Get What You Want with This One Simple Change

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If your focus is on avoiding what you don’t want – like bad grades, getting told off or the prospect of a job you won’t enjoy –you’ll picture precisely that in your mind and it’s the fear of getting what you don’t want that will make you work.

You’ll waste time and energy trying to avoid these negative things. When your grades pick up a bit, you’ll feel less like studying because the thing you are afraid of will seem further away and less likely. This usually means your results will go down again, until you get close to trouble and then, the fear will kick back in and you’ll work harder again. It’s a bit of a yo-yo effect. The problem is that you will always be focusing on those negative things and if you don’t work hard enough at the right time, it might be too late for your grades.

If however, you pick the smart option and choose to focus towards what you really do want, you’ll be more motivated and more excited the closer you get to the thing you’re after. In other words, as your grades get better, you’ll work even harder because you know you’re getting closer to what you want! It’s like a magnet pulling you on. Isn’t that cool! You’ll do better and you’ll enjoy it too!

To work out which way you’re focusing right now, ask yourself why you want good grades and write down your answers. If you get a list that says mainly things like, ‘So I don’t have to…’ ‘To get away from/avoid…’ and ‘Not to…’ then you’re focusing on moving away from things.

If your list is mostly, ‘So I can…’ ‘To be able to…’ and ‘To have…’ then you are more likely focusing towards positive things. Changing the direction of your focus, if you need to, is easy!

Begin by thinking of as many great reasons as you can for getting the best possible grades. Write down all the things you will do, have and be when you get them.

Then, imagine your perfect future. The kind of life that you will be able to have when you get the grades you want.

In your head make a little movie of the moment that you get that thing you really want, the best thing that good grades will get you. Imagine it so clearly that you can already feel those great feelings. Listen to the sounds around you in that moment and picture what you’ll see. Maybe proud faces at your graduation, or the great house or fancy car you’ll buy; or the wonderful gifts
you’ll be able to give, thanks to that dream job. There is no right answer – whatever makes you want to work hard and do your best, is perfect.

FOCUS: Get What You Want with This One Simple Change

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Make a dream board with pictures of the things you’ll get; things that excite you and make you want that life already and put it somewhere you can see it every day – perhaps near where you study.

Write a short paragraph describing yourself and your future. Talk about the great things you will have because you worked hard at school and write it as though you already have it all. Make it sound as exciting as you can and read out loud every day.

The more you want it and think about it, the more desire to have it you will create and your focus will become laser sharp.

Like running a race, you wouldn’t set off with your back to the finish line would you! Keep your eyes firmly on the prize! In any area of your life being clear about exactly what you want and making sure you are focusing on the positive and moving towards it, will always increase your chances of success.

Remember, your education is a gift that you prepare now to unwrap later, so grab the best that you can. You have to go to school, so make the most of it and get the best grades you can. The harder you work at school, the more choices you will have later in life and only you will lose out by not doing your very best. Use that laser and light up your perfect future!

Amanda Ball, BA (Hons) is the author of the bestselling personal development series The Self Help Bible at . She is also a master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™.

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