How We Got To Now PBS Series

What do everyday items like a light bulb and refrigerator have in common? They are all seemingly simple inventions that revolutionized the way that humans interact with the world.

This Wednesday, October 15, 2014, the highly anticipated How We Got to Now premieres on PBS, and viewers will get to know the incredible stories behind these everyday gadgets and more. Host Steven Johnson shares his advice for fostering innovative thinking: have diverse interests, follow your hunches, and don’t be afraid to fail.

Classrooms across the country are invited to get a first look at the new series from PBS Learning Media with resources and video clips directly from the program. “How We Got to Now” resources are part of a collection designed to inspire innovation with targeted video segments, audio files, lesson plans, and guides for middle and high school students. The full collection is available here.

Free Classroom Event: Students will also have the chance to join Steven Johnson for a special webinar: How We Got to Now: Innovative Ideas That Changed the World on Wednesday, October 22, from 1pm-2pm EDT. For more information and to register, visit How We Got to Now

How We Got To Now