When a school partners with college students for lessons and activities, everyone benefits, and has a great time learning.

6 year old Levi Sawatzky got ahead on figuring out subtraction by the end of a lesson taught by a college student at Chandler Elementary.  “It’s so easy,” he said.

School Partners with College Students for Lessons and Activities

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Goshen College junior Emma Caskey had just finished playing a learning game with Sawatzky and his classmates, Anthony Schrock and Amasiah Hairopoulos.

College students are paired with Chandler Elementary students as part of Goshen College’s education courses.  They create short lessons and activities in math and literacy to reinforce the elementary students abilities.

“We had to stand on the wall and then she gave us all numbers (to subtract) and then we had to figure out that number and then go run and find it as fast as we can,” Sawatzky said.

Caskey said the game was partially to get the students up and moving, but also to show them math can be fun.

“We talk a lot in class about developing number sense and how our lessons need to connect things together,” she said. “So by having students draw a certain number of circles and then subtract by crossing them off, they are learning and connecting with the lesson instead of just memorizing the answer.”

The Goshen College students will visit the school several more times in the coming months, sharing their literary and mathematics lessons with students in first, third and fifth grade.

School Partners with College Students for Lessons and Activities

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“We want the students to get an idea of the developmental stages of children and the different methodologies out there,” said Goshen College instructor Kathy Meyer Reimer. “They’ll work in smaller groups at the younger ages and then larger groups with the older students.”

And all of the teaching these students are doing at Elementary will benefit them next semester as they teach a full lesson once a week and next year as they student teach all year.

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