An interest in wildlife has made kids want to ban hunting drones, and they are taking part in a statewide project to learn about wildlife protection and civics by working on state legislation to do just that.

Kids Want to Ban Hunting DronesThe fifth grade class at Ladera Del Norte Elementary School is taking part in the Wild Friends program.  The program is sponsored by the University of New Mexico School of Law to teach students about state government by having them work on a bill prohibiting the use of unmanned aerial drone vehicles while hunting. Students are researching the laws, types of drones, how they are used, and developing information to present to legislators.

According to Susan George, director of Wild Friends, students voted statewide on a topic last August and have been researching drones and their use.  Students attended a presentation by Wild Friends science educator Daisy Edel.

“I’ve learned most people only know about drones in respect to the military,” Edel said. “They have never been exposed to any other kind of drones.”Kids Want to Ban Hunting Drones

Edel’s goal was to explain to the students how a drone can have multiple uses including mapping, storm chasing, monitoring wildlife and vegetation, science research and livestock management. Drones in hunting give the hunter an unfair advantage, allowing for more kills.

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