Students can now experience Native American culture every day, since a totem pole given to a school by the Nooksack Tribe will now be on prominent, permanent display.

Totem Pole Given to a School by the Nooksack TribeThe Nooksack Valley School District and the Nooksack Indian Tribe are beginning a partnership.  Prior to unveiling the totem pole, students watched performances from tribe members in the school gym.

“I never thought we would have heard these songs and saw these dances here, in this gym,” said George Swanaset Jr., a member of the Nooksack tribe who used to be a student in the Nooksack school system.

Swanaset’s father carved the totem pole.  It features a thunderbird at the top with a mountain goat below.  An owl represents wisdom, and rests above a woman who is cloaking children.  The pole is meant to show that the tribe and school district work together, which has not happened in past years.

Swanaset sways that the pole will give Native American students something to identify with.

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Totem Pole Given to a School by the Nooksack Tribe