In some schools, the question of allowing YouTube on school computers is frustrating teachers, administrators, and students. The popular website for uploading videos is important for students to access for research and homework as well as for technical education. However there are ongoing concerns that much of the material found there is inappropriate for teens.

Allowing YouTube on School ComputersAt Mars High School, some teachers and administrators want to have YouTube be accessible from school computers, including the laptops that go home with students.

“Teachers are beyond frustrated,” said Assistant Superintendent Matthew Friedman.

At present, an administrator must approve a request and allow each video on an individual basis.

Typically the decision on what to allow and not allow is up to districts. “It’s typically a policy, and not just on what websites are acceptable, but how students are allowed to use school property — including computers and the Internet,” said Sarah McCluan, a spokeswoman with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

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Allowing YouTube on School Computers