High tech teaching tools in one area school are closing the achievement gap with technology, and changing students’ lives.

Closing the Achievement Gap with TechnologyAn online curriculum used throughout Battle Creek and Albion is helping to raise achievement levels among challenged students, and it is doing it more quickly than previous efforts.

The Achieve3000 program was pioneered at the Albion Community School.  In Battle Creek, the Fremont Elementary School will soon be using it.

Teaching at reading levels that are appropriate to the specific student is the key to this program.While students may be on different reading levels, the subject matter is still taught, adjusted for the reading level.  This enables students of differing abilities to learn subject matter, and not fall behind.

Both the school districts received a red designation last year in statewide rankings by the Michgan Department of Education.  This means that they are in the lowest ranking. Teachers and administrators see the technology as a means to turn the dismal results around, bridge the achievement gap, begin innovative ways to engage and reach students.

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Closing the Achievement Gap with Technology