Connecting teachers to technology is essential in the 21st century classroom.  Even in the early grades, integrating science, technology, engineering and math into lessons are vital for the students having a full experience.

Connecting Teachers to TechnologyTeachers need ongoing training and support for learning new skills.  Even for science classes that are not technologically oriented, students typically use iPads and Google to get more information and answer questions about what they are studying.

For example, in Redding CT, third graders are dissecting owl pellets to see what animals are within those pellets, showing what the owls eat. Its not technically challenging, but students will be consulting the internet to identify what they find, and using online tools for sharing and recording their results.

“Now we have a specific animal, an owl who eats and digests, and gives off pellets, and they’ll dissect them and see the animals within them,” said Rebecca Richards, the new science and technology instructional coach (STIC) for the STEM program. She was appointed to the position in June.

“Technology is the tool,” says Ms. Richards.  Her job is to help teachers integrate those toools into their lessons.

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Connecting Teachers to Technology