Thanks to a unique opportunity, students have a chance to learn from Norwegian students, enjoying cultural lessons live and 7,000 miles apart.

Cultural Lessons Live and 7,000 Miles ApartA dozen students huddled near a laptop equipped with microphone and webcam.  At Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic school in Waterloo Illinois, the eighth graders were videoconferencing with friends in Norway.

Colleen Lance wanted to know what is Alexandra Tenneboe’s favorite holiday and food for theat holiday.  Alexandra replied that she loves Christmas, and likes eating pinnekjott, a popular dish that is dried ribs with spices.

“OK, you are making me hungry,” Colleen said with a laugh and a smile. “I also like Christmas.”  She told Alexandra that her favorite holiday is also Christmas, and she enjoys eating ham and cookies as part of the holiday celebration.  7,000 miles apart, two teen friends were having a conversation.

The Norwegian students stayed two hours after school to participate in the conversation.  The American students were enjoying a morning class time around 9:30 am.

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Cultural Lessons Live and 7,000 Miles Apart