It may seem unusual for kindergarteners to be using big words, but early literacy is making big strides in one elementary school

Early Literacy Making Big StridesA group of Colonial Acres Elementary School kindergartners read out loud enthusiastically as their teacher pointed to the words. “We are learning collaboration”, they read together.

In San Lorenzo, these kindergartners have taken a field trip to the library, visited their neighborhood, and been visited by firefighters.  As they learned more about their town and surroundings, they built miniature towns, and gave “tours” of their work to parents and staff.

Parent Veronica Ruiz was proud of her son Ricardo Lieba. “I’m surprised and amazed at how much they have learned”, she said.  Ricardo had built a replica of the Ashland Community Center. “We read a Dr. Seuss book last night, and Ricardo could read every word. He loves to read and go to the library now,” Ruiz said.

“Most of these students didn’t know their letters at the beginning of the year,” kindergarten teacher Tammy Braun said.


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Early Literacy Making Big Strides