A set of challenges tackled by seventh graders is having the effect of exposing kids to science and tech fields.

Exposing Kids to Science and Tech FieldsAt Richard Bernotas Middle school, seventh graders had mixed a solution and labeled it carefully while trying to make a bead,  but they thought they had done something wrong.  They were triing to trace the edge of mesh with the blue liquid, but it would just drip straight through.

Their teacher Jennifer  Liebenow redirected their questions “What did you try?  Did you check your resources?  Have you talked to other students?”

Students have commented that what is different in this class is that instead of raising their hand and getting the answer to a question, students are expected to figure it out.

In Liebenows seventh grade class, the bead challenge is the toughest.  Students use curriculum and software designed by Northwestern University.  They also work with 3D design software, electrical engineering, and robotics

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Exposing Kids to Science and Tech Fields