Students will rejoice at the news that there could be fewer tests for some high schools in the coming year.

Fewer Tests for Some High SchoolsIn New Jersey, Wayne High School reviewed their calendar and realized that students would miss the equivalent of 30 days of new instruction because of teacher generated tests, as well as trips, assemblies, and snow days.

School officials took the radical step of eliminating the midterm and final exams.

School officials say they’re also tossing out the traditional, high-stakes exams as they look at the larger issue of how to determine what students have learned.

“Kids go to school because they enjoy learning; they want to explore and they want to learn about themselves,” said Michael Ben-David, assistant superintendent of Wayne schools. “That doesn’t come from taking [tests] that take up large chunks of the school year.”

As standardized tests take up more time, some New Jersey schools have dropped midterms and finals to regain instructional time.

According to Acting state Education Commissioner David Hespe, dropping teacher generated midterms and finals “makes perfect sense for districts.”  All New Jersey school districts are required to give end of course exams that are state provided, and some of these may make midterms and finals redundant.

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Fewer Tests for Some High Schools