An after school club for bright students is giving kids a turbo boost, in more ways than one.

Giving Kids a Turbo BoostSome of the brightest fourth graders at Lafayette Indiana’s Miami Elementary are staying after school  four days a week for the Turbo Boost club, a group that gives a boost to students who excel.

The students focus on problem solving, and written response, working for 45 minutes each day with a teacher’s aide.

Every week, the students form four groups.  Two work on math and two work on writing.  All the curriculum is challenging and designed for fifth graders, according to teacher Carin Hollandbeck,

“For teachers, I think the general idea is to teach to the whole, and this group will continue to be successful and get good grades,” she said. “But here we can give them that extra push to work harder.”

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Giving Kids a Turbo Boost