A new effort is recognizing that in order to help students learning English, helping parents of English language learners is also of vital importance.

In Trenton NJ, English as a second language and civics classes will be offered to parents of English language learning students.  This is a possible way to increase parent participation in the schools

Helping Parents of English Language LearnersMaria Juega, executive director of the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund, thinks it is a good idea.  “There is a huge need and these classes will help in many ways,” she said.

Child care will be provided during the classes, which will take place two hours a day, two days a week.  The objectives are to accellerate language proficiency, and better engage parents as part of the school and community at large.

According to Juega, the  LALDEF partnered with the schools to to help immigrants learn English and also  to help them become more engaged in the Trenton community.One in four Trenton residents is foreign born and of those one in four has earned citizenship. In the entire state of New Jersey,  50 percent of immigrants become citizens.

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Helping Parents of English Language Learners