A money program for fourth graders helps kids learn and earn at the school mini mall, promoting responsibility and enthusiasm for saving and spending money.

Kids Learn and Earn at the School Mini Mall“We use a money program in fourth grade to teach our students about rewards and consequences,” Heritage Elementary teacher Joanna Dougan said. “We have been discussing the importance of earning money, and the fact that everyone has to spend money on services, products and bills in life.”

The nine week money program concludes with students setting up a “shop” inside a fourth grade “mini mall” in which they sell products and services to other students. These include candy shops, fake tattoos, bakeries, and more.  Some students created and sold their original artwork.  Others auctioned items they felt were in high demand.  Stendents paid $10 to rent the space, just like rent is paid in a real mall.

“We promote responsibility by paying students money when they show responsible behaviors,” Dougan said. “We have piggy backed on the Rachel’s Challenge program, which exemplifies when doing something good, you will cause a chain reaction. We are hoping this will encourage everyone to make good responsible choices and to be good decision makers.”

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Kids Learn and Earn at the School Mini Mall