Discovery is waiting for third graders in a classroom where lessons about the Iditarod reinforce Common Core standards.

Lessons About the Iditarod Reinforce Common Core StandardsIn Sheila Gamble-Dorn’s classroom at Ocean Shores Elementary School, the path to discovery and Common Core standards is paved with hands on adventure.  “One of the things we do every year in my class is follow the Iditarod,” Gamble-Dorn said.

The Iditarod race is known as “the last great race on Earth,” over 1040 miles from Anchorage to Nome. Mushers and dogs go through some of the coldest, roughest and most beautiful country in the world.  Approximately 65 teams compete.

Each student in Gamble-Dorn’s class has adopted a musher.

“Every day the students go online to see where their musher is, what time they went into a checkpoint and how many dogs they have on their team,” Gamble-Dorn said. “They learn about what it takes to take care of that many dogs and what it means to run a race like that.”

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Lessons About the Iditarod Reinforce Common Core Standards