This fall, students are able to exercise their talents, as a newly formed makerspace club inspires creativity in art and technology.

Makerspace Club Inspires Creativity in Art and TechnologyWhitehorse Middle School students were interested in creating a variety of things, including music and large sculptures.  However the budget was limited.

Library media technologist Jennifer Milne-Carroll created the Whitehorse Makers Club, meeting in the library two days a week after school.  She has used what she has in the library and recycled items.  For example, a cardboard box left by the school dumpster is now becoming a large owl sculpture with a head that spins on Lego blocks.

“I tried to be as resourceful as I could,” said Milne-Carroll.  She also  taught herself coding so she could help students with it.

Madison School and Community Recreation began to sponsor the club.  With the added resources, Milne-Carroll brought art teacher Andrew Erickson into the club to be another resource.  Both teachers are advisers, and the club promotes science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

The enthusiasm of the students, who typically number from 20 to 25 on an average day but have totaled 45, “is just contagious,” she said. The numbers grow as club members invite friends.

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Makerspace Club Inspires Creativity in Art and Technology