Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, the student-teacher relationship effect on math achievement is being studied and schools are endeavoring to reduce the gap in   student achievement and opportunity.

Student-Teacher Relationship Effect on Math AchievementPittsburgh Public Schools are participating in a project dalled DEbT-M Which stands for Designing for Equity by Thinking in and about Mathematics.  The $8 million five year grant is led by the Education Development Center, based in Massachussetts.  The University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are also participaing.  Duquesne University is the outside evaluator.

Teachers are paid for up to 220 hours a year for extra work, and took part in professional development during the summer.

The project examines areas where math and educational equity for students intersect. This includes negative attitudes toward math, or unconscious bias.  According to Tracy Johns, project manager, when children have negative ideas or are not comfortable inm class “It lessens them as a learner.”

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Student-Teacher Relationship Effect on Math Achievement