The Reader’s Theater pilot program brings a different approach to science lessons, as students dramatize their weather study in addition to traditional classroom learning.

Students Dramatize Their Weather StudyThe program is a result of a collaboration between Bergeson and Jessica Zuehlke, who co-wrote “The Church Basement Ladies”. “I was trying to find a way to connect to the fifth-grade level to relate science in a unique way,” Bergeson said.

Students are producing a showcase of their knowledge of the weather, the subject of the two week unit.  They will combine speech, communication, drama, reading, and writing to create their original pieces.

Students commented that its unusual for them to engage in a project of this type for science classes.  They appreciate that this approach has made their study easier to remember.

“It’s better, I think, than to sit down and read it in a book,” said Reese Tripp. He added that he hopes to do this again and he thinks it could help in other classes as well.

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Students Dramatize Their Weather Study