An imaginative teacher has promoted opportunities for students learning history by creating an opera with her class.

Students Learning History By Creating an OperaRecently, Meredith Mooney received a $7,000 check  recognizing her “Opera Alive: Song, Story, Art” program which will culimnate in the spring with her fifth grade class presenting a one act opera they have composed.

“Opera isn’t just a woman wearing horns and armor onstage, singing in German,” Mooney said. “ ’Frozen’ is really an opera.”

The first creation from the students at  Dr. James “Red” Duke Elementary School  will be a one act opera telling the true story of Sybil Ludington, a teen heroine in the American Revolution.  She warned the colonial forces that the Britiwsh were coming, and rode twice as far as Paul Revere.

“In our show, she will become a ‘sung’ hero,” Meredith said.

Students will write the plot in language arts classes, and compose the libretto and music during music classes.  The opera incorporates visual arts, orchestration using Orff instruments, and making staging decisions.

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Students Learning History By Creating an Opera