Students teaching science to younger kids have found that when they help little guys, they learn lessons themselves and acquire leadership skills.

Students Teaching Science to Younger KidsAt Mark Twain Junior High School, students in the AVID college bound program have been studying water science and then walking to Franklin Elementary School where they help the fifth graders who are also studying water.

Next month they will work on a lesson with sixth graders.

“These (samples) all look clear; they all have a different substance in them,” said fifth-grade teacher Jeff Bakker, introducing the water lesson. “We’re investigating, is this something that’s healthy for us, or something we need to stay away from?”

Bakker finds that his students benefit from having the older students teaching and from working in a Common Core-tailored lab. “It’s hands-on. It provides opportunities to discuss at a cross-age level,” he listed. “It’s no longer just opening up the book and saying, ‘Read Page 33.’”

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Students Teaching Science to Younger Kids