Just like us you may still be looking for the perfect gift so HowToLearn.com is proud to present The Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014.

We are delighted to give our Gold Seal of approval to every item in the guide.

This year, we are especially grateful to Conni Gordon and her wonderful  book Paint a Picture in Just One Hour for sponsoring the guide. In a time when many school districts are reducing or deleting art classes altogether in order to save money, Connni’s book is the perfect gift to inspire anyone to be able to paint and even better, have their picture completed in just an hour!

Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts & Toy Guide 2014

Inside the Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014

The categories are:


  • Art
  • Ages 0-3
  • Ages 3-8
  • Ages 8-12
  • Gifts for Teens and Adults
  • Pets
  • Crafts
  • Books
  • Blocks and Building
  • Games
  • Dolls and Pretend Play
  • Home
  • Educational
  • Gifts for Teachers
  • Technology and Apps

Pat Wyman’s personal favorites inside the Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014

I especially love the art book called Paint a Picture in Just One Hour because it inspires both children and adults to feel confident that they can papint a picture quickly in just 4 easy steps!

The I am a STAR books with your child’s name on the cover help kids get over their jitters about first time events immediately. Check out Jackson’s First Haircut and that will lead to books like Mia’s or Aiden’s First Day of School and many more for both boys and girls!

Technology and Apps Gifts

Be sure and check out the huge Technology and Apps section near the bottom of the guide.

One of the coolest items that I want to give my own family for sure is the Vivitar Camelio tablet. This unique Android tablet can be customized with up to five different “personality packs”. Each separately sold pack includes customized wallpaper, widgets, lock screens, camera and photo editor and a themed bumper case. In addition, each tablet includes themed games, built in Wifi, a camera, and parental controls.  Great tablet for the whole family.

Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide for Teachers.

You’ll love the math signs and number tie for a math teacher or the gorgeous clock in the shape of an apple fo every teacher!

Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide Includes Educational Gifts, Gifts for your Pet, and Items for Teens and Adults

Once you’re inside the guide, make sure to look at the items for teens and adults too. I saw a nifty Elenco Snap Circuits Light that can be controlled by your voice, iPod or other mp3 device. Great for parties and other events!

Whatever gifts you’re looking for this year, in every age group, it’s all in the Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014 from HowtoLearn.com.

Pat Wyman Best-selling author Pat Wyman and HowToLearn.com publish the annual Top 101 Guides in nearly every subject. If you’d like to submit your site for consideration contact us here. Wyman is the author of several books including Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster; Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in HALF the Time and Math Facts Made Easy. She and her team reviewed each item listed in the Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014.