Middle school students are discovering that the Writers in the Schools program encourages students and helps them to develop and create innovative writing projects.

Writers in the Schools Program Encourages StudentsA photography exhibit that portrays people and scenery throughout the world will also hang in the hallways to inspire students as they walk from class to class.

“I want the students to be more positive and more confident in their writing,” said Diane Lashinsky, the principal of the school.

“I’d like to see them sharpen their observation skills and see a story when they look at a photograph.”

Six student writiers will be participating in the program at Blue Heron Middle School and the high school.

The program also includes a training component for the school teachers, in order to support the students.

“I don’t know how famous these authors are, but they are famous to us,” Lashinsky said. “The writers are meeting with teachers so they can inspire good writing in all classes.”

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Writers in the Schools Program Encourages Students