An after school math club encourages kids who want a challenge.  The Marvelous Mathematical Minds, or M3 for short is a group of intermediate elementary students who want to explore their interest in math when the school day is over.

After School Math Club Encourages Kids Who Want a ChallengeAll intermediate elementary schools in the Edwardsville Illinois school  district have the math club available.  The district states that the purpose is “to provide an opportunity for an enriched extracurricular experience devoted to math. Students can foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity by taking part in word problems, hands on activities and other math magic.”

But it isn’t all problem solving.  The 300 students who participate district wide have opportunities for friendships as they interact with like minded students with similar interests.

Vince Schlueter, principal at Columbus Elementary, said that his personal goal is “to see students have the opportunity to see how math really works outside of the classroom. I enjoyed working with the older students to show them how you could set up the operation using algebraic equations to prove that it always works,”

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After School Math Club Encourages Kids Who Want a Challenge