No one expects that reading a favorite story can inspire a class project where children make a film of a picture book.  But in the Tuscarora School District, third graders are doing just that, joining with older students who are practicing their film making skills.

Children Make a Film of a Picture BookThe third graders from St Thomas Elementary School took their positions against the green screen in front of a camera, lights, and shades.  Meantime, a James Buchanan High School student takes charge, calling fo quiet, and then “action!”

Students then begin to recite their lines from the book “The Mitten”.

The film will show the pictures from the book of snowy woods and animals, and the children’s images will be superimposed. Children will act out the parts of different animals, such as a bird, or a mole, or a mouse.

Elementary students had enriched language experiences and a connection to reading, as well as performing arts.  High school students did the filming and editing.

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Children Make a Film of a Picture Book