School districts are realizing that younger kids are more likely to learn a language faster and more thoroughly than older children and teens, and are seeking ways for elementary student to receive more world language instruction.

Elementary Students to Receive More World Language InstructionIn Albemarle County, more elementary students might be learning in a language other than English.  School officials recently updated the school board on plans to expand world language instruction to all county elementary schools.  Eventually, middle and high schools will need to offer more advanced classes.

“The expansion of world languages has deep implications for opportunities for our students,” said Rusty Carlock, Albemarle’s international and ESOL program coordinator. “As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, we know the capacity to move across languages … is becoming more important.”

“We want to move forward slowly so we have a clear process in place,” Carlock said.

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Elementary Students to Receive More World Language Instruction