A school district is expanding the English Language Learners program.

Expanding the English Language Learners ProgramsThe Moffat County School District’s program for English Language Learners has expanded this year, and now includes ELL children, one for each elementary school. “The purpose of those teachers is to implement programming to help kids acquire English more quickly and be more successful in the English-speaking classroom,” said East Elementary School principal Sarah Hepworth.

53 percent of the students at East speak a primary language other than English.  Other schools in the district have a similarly high population of English Language Learners.

Adding new teachers has allowed for co teaching to get started in the districts four elementary schools. Combining a regular teacher and ESL teacher means that the ESL teacher can use learning strategies that the ELL students need right in the classroom.

“I love it because it gives kids the opportunity to have two teachers in the classroom to do something that one teacher can’t necessarily do independently,” said Misty Jones, ELL teacher at East. “When two minds can come together to prepare the lessons, they’re much deeper in learning; it’s not just surface learning.”

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Expanding the English Language Learners Programs