Fifth graders in middle school face a number of challenges in their first semester.  Being part of a middle school for the first time, they are changing classes and are involved in social activities that usually are for older students, such as school dances.

Fifth Graders in Middle School“It is a lot of responsibility they’ve never had before,” Cary Pelzer, a fifth-grade teacher.

Changing classes is the first thing that fifth graders find they need to adjust to, taking on more responsibility.  They are responsible for remembering which books and supplies they need to bring, and they never had to think about that before.

Last year, the students brought everything needed and put it inside one desk where they sat almost all day.  Finding an extra pencil or the right book was not such a challenge.

Tyler Horn, a fifth grader, says he thinks the time passes faster

“The day feels quicker because you’re constantly getting up and moving,” said Horn. “You’re not sitting in one spot all day. My legs don’t fall asleep.”

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Fifth Graders in Middle School