A recent survey conducted by two of the biggest freelance websites, Elance and oDesk, discovered that over 53 million Americans conducted freelance work last year.

In this tough economy, even highly educated people are having a rough time finding gainful employment. I am among the happy ones who have the job of their dreams, and I have my freelance work to thank. Because of my professional success with freelance writing I am ready to share some of my own personal tips about how to be a successful, multi-tasking freelance writer in college.

Tip # 1: Don’t Bite Off More than You Can Chew as a Freelance Writer in College

The difference between traditional employment and freelance writing is the fact that freelancers are essentially their own bosses. This means that you can accept or reject as much work as you like.

However, this ability means that you have to make sure not to overextend yourself. A freelancer is nothing without clients, and if you are overextended the work you submit to clients will suffer. When you’re starting out take on only a few projects at first, so that you can get a good sense of how long it takes you to complete projects.

This way you can ensure that you are not overextended and can develop a reputation with your clients for providing high-quality work in a timely manner.

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Tip #2: Understand Your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Freelancer

There is a wide assortment of freelance writing work options available. Because of the diversity of options there is something for everyone. However you need to know where your skills and strengthens fit with the different options that are available. This way you can focus your search to freelance jobs that will not require you to develop new writing samples, skills and/or credentials.

If you find freelance work that requires your expertise and specific writing skill set, you will be more likely to be hired. Furthermore, once you become a more established freelancer you may have to multi-task in order to complete simultaneous projects for different clients. Multi-tasking will be accomplished more easily if you are doing work that you are experienced at performing, as opposed to taking on an assortment of projects that you don’t have past experience with completing.

Tip # 3: Maintain Good Relationships With Clients

As I have previously stated a freelancer is nothing without clients. Maintaining a good working relationship with your client(s) is the most important thing that you can do to become a successful, multi-tasking freelancer.

Doing so could allow you to receive additional work from that same client which can provide work security, and decrease the time you have to spend going after new clients.You may feel like you can’t say no when you have many offers rolling in. However, doing so could keep your existing clients happy by allowing you to maintain the high-quality of your work, and thus provide real work security in the long run. In order to maintain a good relationship you should promptly respond to all client communications. Thorough edits of work before final submission are also crucial.

Tip # 4: Find Freelance Work Through Reputable Websites

My final tip for becoming a successful, multi-tasking freelance writer in college is to start your client search on reputable freelancer websites. These websites are great platforms because they allow those who need work from freelance writers to post jobs, and have freelancers submit proposals.

As a freelancer you are at a risk for nonpayment if you have a scrupulous client who doesn’t pay after your submit the finished product. However, payments are typically guaranteed and facilitated by freelancer websites. Furthermore, freelancer websites are an amazing tool for established freelancers who need to multitask. This is because they track all of your different jobs, when projects are due and even perform billing functions.

Now get out there and start freelancing!

Brian Johnson is a super-talented content manager at AcademicHelp.net. He likes poetry and adores haikus. Follow him for further tips on essay writing and freelance writing.

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